Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving to Mon/Wed/Fri Schedule

I've decided, after giving it some serious thought, that I will have to cut down on my blogging to concentrate on Real Life. Things are ramping up in my RL job and in my RL social life that require more attention, so something has to give, and this is it.

I'll be moving to a mon/wed/fri schedule rather than an every-weekday. If I'm not staying on a consistent schedule I don't see a point in blogging (because I'm a procrastinator who will only post once a month if I don't set a schedule and push myself to stick with it), so I'll keep that aspect.

Hopefully cutting down will allow me to take advantage of my natural tendency to write pieces that are more article-length than blog post length.

I'm sure I'll break the schedule to do extra posts from time to time when big news or big ideas take over my brain.

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