Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Laziness: more 3.1 class changes, I'm sick

Your getting junk from me today because my sinuses feel like someone stuck hot pokers in them and my throat is filled with styrafoam peanuts. If posting is a little light for a few days next week, now you know why.

  • 3.1 on EU PTRs! No one has gotten on them yet, but prepare for a massive influx of new infoz this weekend.
  • Ammo is basically gone. Seriously. I thought this was fake until I read the blue post. Now you just buy one magic bullet/arrow and you are set until you find another, better bullet/arrow.
  • Replenishment: a few days ago, I posted a suggestion that mages and warlocks should get replenishment on one of their specs. Yesterday, it was announced that mages and warlocks get replenishment. Coincidence?
I'm being kicked out of work by my boss because he's afraid I'll spread the plague to him, so I'll see y'all next week.


Raitin said...

I think something is going around my mates too. Extreme muscle soreness, loss of voice and coughing are our symptoms. Get well soon mate. Also, wish us Melbourians luck with our slight 'fire problem'.

Hatch said...

Good luck with your one-two punch of problems!