Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paladins Officially Overpowered, Blizzard to Kill 25s.

A highlight from Ghostcrawler's interview at Eurogamer:

Eurogamer: Is there a particular class that you thought needed an overhaul more than the others?

Greg Street (Ghostcrawler): I think the Paladin is one I'd say probably needs some of the most work, it got a lot of work in Lich King but it's still not quite there. Each individual role, the damage, healing and tanking all have problems, in some cases they're over-powered but a little simplistic in other cases, so we definitely want to address that. Without changing - you know, it's a very popular class, I think it's our most popular class at the moment, so we don't want to make it unrecognisable either.

 Told ya!

The amount of gear in the 25 person raids will be roughly equivalent on per-person basis to the 10 person raids. One thing to keep in mind it that we don't plan to allow players to upshift from 10s to 25s, only downshift from 25s to 10s on a given week.

The statements beforehand said that 25person would have more gear per person than 10s, so I wonder if "roughly equivalent" indicates a change in plans, or just not wanting to commit yet to either "exactly the same" or "more".
The number 6 per boss was being mentioned I believe, so slightly more I guess, but anything can change in testing so I wouldn't say that it is set in stone. But we all know you guys won't call us out if anything changes during a beta, right?

So basically there will be no real incentive (gear-wise at least) to run 25 man raids.
There are rewards like badges/gold for the additional coordination involved, but we are trying to avoid having gear be the reason that one style is better than the other.

What a shame.  Still, the proposed system is better than the current raiding system, IMO.

*Saying they are killing 25s is hyperbole.  More emblems really will be a strong draw, especially if the difference is very large.  I expect many people will still do 25s, and with the raid ID improvements I expect my guild will farm early bosses on tuesdays with our 25-man alliance then do progression in our 10-man group using the same instance ID later in the week, for instance.  But giving more loot per person was the key to keeping a balance, and now that that's gone, 25s are going to be hurt much more badly than I had anticipated.  

The overall system is still an improvement in my eyes.


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Antigen said...

I agree with 芸茂, he took the weird mix of English and Chinese right out of my mouth.

Paladins overpowered? Sure. In PvE, I'd say we do quite well at all three roles (not going to touch PvP; not a clue), compared to some classes with lackluster speccing options.

Although I'd like to play devil's advocate and suggest that having three viable specs isn't a terrible thing, and that maybe Blizzard needs to work on every class except paladins to bring them up to the glorious par we're setting.

As for 25m's, I'm betting Blizzard is trying to balance it out so doing one wouldn't carry crazy advantages over the other, and thus force the disadvantaged raid difficulty into extinction.

Think about it: in terms of progression, if Blizz was to keep the "more loot on 25m" policy, you would feel so compelled to do 25m that it would make little sense to do 10m. Maybe farm a few easy bosses on 25m for all the gear you could ever want, then roll into 10m with that shiny new gear and own up some progression.

I certainly don't envy them for having to come up with a solution to this problem, I'm just curious as to how they'll rationalize doing either difficulty.