Wednesday, March 10, 2010 has an agenda. It's to support entitled leeches.

Nerdrage time.

So does a "Most uber players of the week" post. Except it isn't about uber players at all. There are none of the examples I expected, of a strong player kicking ass or succeeding where others failed, or demonstrating any skill at all. It is ONLY stories about "nice" people who take one for the team and agree to carry someone else who shouldn't even be in the instance. In fact, almost all of the stories are about someone being extra-nice to a severely undergeared and underpracticed tank who is new to 80 and couldn't be bothered to run a normal instance, instead insisting to skip a step and go straight to heroics and expecting the rest of the group to pay for it. The column is solely about compassion rather than superiority (notice how "super", uber's most direct analogue is in that word?). There are definitely better descriptive words for what you meant than "uber", professional writers over at Like, for instance, "compassionate" or "nice".

What I'm saying is that you're being misleading by calling them "uber". You need to pick a different word now or you're going to look dishonest.

I really wish such a prominent wow site would stop openly supporting people being dicks and expecting to be carried.

Oh, and btw, readers: if you have time to read a wow site and write in about your pug experience, then you certainly can be bothered to DO A FEW NORMALS FIRST BEFORE GOING STRAIGHT TO HEROICS AT 80 YOU JERKS.


Anonymous said...

Had a tank in a heroic the other day say …. “Mr Healer, I am not defense capped, I’m not even close, and I’m a DK, I’ll leave if u want me to.” Me, being kinda nice and kinda liking the challenge told him to swing away. But I am way over geared for them heroics, I feel bad for the fresh 80 healer that gets stuck with this guy, queue track 3 “My Endless Wipe” and it skips to infinity at the end….

Ixobelle said...

i loled