Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is why guilds will not be obsolete in Cata


What's that you say? You've already killed all the easy loot pinata bosses and now you want me to get saved to your instance just to wipe?

Too bad it isn't a guild run, then the social norms would have kept that healer from leaving . . .


Stabs said...

Ah but you're arguing against your own point here.

Sure it's great for a guild who've cleared the easy bosses to have a spare healer on roster to bring in for wipes.

But who's going to want to be that healer?

Personally when Cataclysm launches I'll start off unguilded and see how far I get with that. And guys like those I'll just skip past. If I miss that bus there's always gonna be another one along in a minute.

Hatch said...

I wasn't clear: I was trying to imply that the either the original healer wouldn't have left or they'd be able to reschedule to continue together.

Basically I was trying to point out - in a glib way - the benefits of having a consistent, scheduled group that you raid with as opposed to randomly pugging most if not all of your raids from day to day or week to week.

I don't think anyone would sign up to be wipe replacement gal/guy.