Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whiny Post Day

By decree of Klepsacovic, today is International Whiny Post Day! I'll join Larisa, Tobold, Spinks, and others in celebrating this awesome holiday.

But what do I want to whine about? There are so many things.

Keep in mind that these are the criteria:
- Would you be annoyed at reading it?
- Would you want to respond with "cry more"?
- Do I disagree with your complaint?

So my goal here is to annoy you into telling me to "QQ moar" about something that only I even think is a problem.

Oh, here's one thing that irrationally annoys me:

Backseat raidleaders!

You know what? Once I explain a fight strategy, you don't need to add minor details about how using X move at exactly X second can give us a tiny advantage. Yes, it's a neat trick. No, no one will remember it the first time in our lives that we pull the boss and are just trying to remember the basics of the strategy. The more complicated you make the explanation, the faster we'll wipe. That's why I didn't mention that tiny tip. It's not because I didn't know about it - I actually read the same sites as you! It's just that I didn't want to make the strat any more complicated than it had to be until we get a look at it.

You know what else? I know that you need to line your cooldowns up with bloodlust to pwn the meters. But you don't need to be obsessed with BL. Nor do you need to call for it every fight without fail if I'm about to call for it a second later than you liked (because I'm also having to call everything else that someone in the raid forgot to pay attention to).

And another thing: we really don't need to completely change our strategy every attempt just because we wiped. Sometimes, we just need everyone to perform a little better at the strategy we already have. 99% of the time, changing the strategy will only server to confuse someone and make us wipe even faster. I'm all for analyzing and making changes based on what we did wrong, but usually what we did wrong is "stand in the fire", not "had the positioning totally wrong and should have switched targets later and one of us should respec. Oh, and Bloodlust earlier!"

But worst of all is the guy from another guild who has something to prove in our joint raids and needs to step all over my playcalls. I also don't appreciate when that guy waits for me to miss some detail or other so he can jump in and "prove" how I'm a bad raid leader because I forgot to say one thing out of the 100s of things I generally need to remember to tell the group. Tearing someone down is easy when they have a lot of responsibility. Actually shouldering that responsibility yourself? Not so easy.

I fully acknowledge that a lot of this is irrational. I'm far from perfect, and raid leading isn't that hard. Often, these "backseat raidleaders" give useful suggestions that are key to our victory, and they certainly help keep the raid thinking critically.

But sometimes, they just get on my nerves.

/end whine


Klepsacovic said...

But I like the minor details! If not for those I'd just be another DPS. A decent DPS, but nevertheless, a DPS. Though on the first attempt everyone should be quiet except the RL and maybe a healer or tank lead who needs to ask obvious but important questions that often get overlooked, such as "are we supposed to heal the boss or the tank?"

But really, when's bloodlust? I need to time my wings because otherwise I might be 2% lower on the damage meter and that makes my already tiny DPS-peen shrink even further.

As for proving that the RL is an idiot; if he is, go right ahead. If he isn't, that's what tells are for.

Oh sorry... doing it wrong.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a heavy WoW player, and I've never raided.

But that's an awesome sign. Made my day, in fact. :)