Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Laziness: Aion

Based on all the buzz I've been hearing on Ye Olde Internetworke lately, and especially a preview from Ixobelle, I've pre-ordered a copy of Aion. Aion is an upcoming MMO in which, to oversimplify, you play an anime version of a winged angel in what looks like a gorgeous fantasy world. From the looks of the website, it has a great aesthetic, a standard MMO levelling experience, a mixed PvP and PvE endgame, and clones all of the WoW classes except for druids and shaman. I'm pretty confident it will be worth as much to me as a single-player game at that price even if I only play for the first month. And better yet, pre-ordering gives me access to the beta events, so hopefully I can give you some more in-depth impressions to decide if you are interested in the game as well.

Between this and Champions Online both releasing in September, I wonder if I'll be able to fit WoW in anymore?

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