Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Champions Online Beta

I've begun to frequent an MMO blog called "Bio Break".

The author, known as Syp, recently posted his thoughts on the Champions Online Beta. Champions Online is a superhero MMO set to be released this fall (think and updated City of Heroes with more action and features). It's the upcoming MMO that I am most excited about, being a big superhero fan and a former CoH player. Now, the beta is under an NDA that forbids beta players from even acknowledging that there is a beta and/or that they are in said alleged beta. Syp got around this by writing a letter to Cryptic (CO's developer) and gaining permission to write, as he posted about here.

Seeing this post, I decided to write a story here about something that theoretically could happen if I were in the CO beta, [ATTENTION LAWYERS] NOT THAT I AM.

In this fictional story, I wrote a similar letter to the CO team using 2 different official email addresses that seemed like likely candidates. All I got was auto replies. I even referenced Syp's letter and told them I wanted to give them free publicity. Still no response. A few weeks later, I, FICTIONALLY, finally get the following response:

"Hi Hatch!

Just making sure you've heard back about blogging Champions Online. Let us know
if there's anything else you need!

The Champions Online Team"

That's it.

To which I, FICTIONALLY, replied,

"Hi CO Team!

I have not heard back on this subject, save for the below email checking to see if I've heard back.

I'm going to take this response as permission to blog about the beta using the same guidelines that you put Syp of Bio Break under: only writing about what was available to the press.

I'll put up a preview in the next few days. Thanks for checking to see if I had heard back!


We'll see in a few days just how fictional the above story is, I guess.

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