Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harping on a horse corpse and beating spilled milk

Well, we got Thorim down and got Mimiron to phase 4 a few times before our MT had to leave to take an online final exam that he forgot was due in an hour (just like me when I was in college!) One of the dangers of running such a small group.

Speaking of small raids...

...(here we go again)...

...(Run, while there's still time! Save yourself!)...

...here are some posts I just ran across over on the blog of a fellow hardcore 10-man raider, the Egotistical Priest.

Vonya's take

Hannelor's take

So, if a 50-page thread on the forums of people agreeing with me on the 10-man vs 25-man issue weren't enough, here's a few more smart people.

I especially like Hannelor's response to the "solution" that 10-mans should just be made easier:

"I hate this idea. I want to shove it in a closet and set it on fire."

Here, here!

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