Monday, August 10, 2009

One million WoW subscriptions...

...this is where the money from literally a million WoW subscriptions goes.

Meanwhile, "additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later".

Update: Here's a sensationalist piece on Kotick that nonetheless echoes some of my concerns here. I've got a lot of personal relationships based in WoW that I am loathe to give up, so hopefully another competing MMO will fill the gap.


Tesh said...

Ah, corporate America. As long as people keep lining up to pay their $15, though, nothing will change. *shrug*

Ixobelle said...

i wish I had 14 million.


It kind of goes back to my original plan for 'getting rich': write long thoughtful letters to the likes of Bill Gates, et al, being like DUDE, JUST ONE MILLION WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE TO YOU, BUT TO ME IT COULD CHANGE MY LIFE. PST, KTHXBAI