Monday, August 17, 2009

Big week in the world of MMOs

Work is extra busy today as I try to get ahead in preparation for going on vacation next week (so if I don't post next week, don't worry, I'll be back), so I can't do a full-on post on the subjects I want to, such as Second Skin, the huge WoW Cataclysm leak (they're actually going through with what I was hoping for!), and a lot of other subjects.

This is a massive (har!) week for MMOs, with the CO open beta starting today (NDA lifted!!), the final Aion beta preview this past weekend (I tried casters!), Blizzcon this coming weekend (screw directTV and check out the coverage at, and 3.2 really settling in as people try the new raid and continue farming badges, badges, BADGES!

I have a lot to say on all of these subjects and more, so hopefully I'll find tons of time to post once things cool down at work.

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