Monday, May 24, 2010

Interesting Link About Girl Gamers

As a bit of supporting evidence for "This is Why Girls Don't Talk To You":

70% of women playing online games choose male avatars and pretend to be male to avoid sexism.

This is all our fault, guys. Stop it.


Spinks said...

You know, I'm wondering if it's our fault too for not being assertive enough and telling annoying guys to just back the fuck off.

I also doubt that figure :) No way 70% of women gamers pick male avatars as their mains. But they might have at least one to test the waters.

puggingpally said...

Judging from the article, wasn't it something like "we set x number of women up to try out these games and 70% of them chose male avatars"?

That doesn't mean that plenty of women don't routinely choose male avatars, though.

I personally still choose female avatars and just ignore or tell off anyone being inappopriate. I can see the appeal of male avatars, and I have considered it on occasion.