Tuesday, December 8, 2009

unintentional anatomy

Dear Blizzard Artists,

Why does Icecrown Citadel have a vagina?

Best Regards,



Larísa said...

Because the artists watched the LOTR movies and got hypnotized bye The Eye.... They couldn't settle with anything less.

Hatch said...

Hah! You just added a whole new dimension to those movies for me...

Larísa said...

You've missed that? :)
I love those movies, I really do. I think he did a great work out of an extremely difficult task. (And having read the serious somewhere between 5 and 10 times I'm kind of picky.)
But the Eye-thing was so apparent from the beginning and once I got the idea into my head I just couldn't rid myself from it. Always makes me giggle a bit.

Hirvox said...

Blizzard artists are simply treating the genders equally. TBC got Karazhan, so Wrath has to have Icecrown.