Monday, November 2, 2009


Blogging will be a little sparse this month, since I am participating in National Novel Writing Month throughout November. The goal is to complete a work of fiction totalling at least 50,000 words, which means about 1,700 a day (if you don't skip any days). It's a daunting task, and I embark on it with a mixture of excitement and EXTREME FEAR. But so far it's going OK. I'm finally fleshing out an idea I've had knocking around in my head for about two years, but never took the time to get started. I don't really have high expectations for my work, but hopefully it won't suck too royally. I'm hoping this will be a transformative trial for me, kind of like what I hear training for a marathon is like, or what the last few weeks leading up to my black belt test was like, or what finishing my master's thesis under a tight deadline was like. I'm psyched.

Thanks to Syp over at Bio Break for bringing this event to my attention!

You can follow my progress here, if you are so inclined. Right now, I'm ahead of the basic wordcount requirement, but I seriously doubt I'll be able to keep a lead.


Ixobelle said...

ooooh! I love writing, and would love to focus exclusively on just cranking out some FRIGGIN WORDS, baby... but I'm just too wrapped up in writing dialog and crap. Tobold's convo tree is up to 1600 words, and yours is hovering around 1300 atm...

Maybe I can just export the trees when I'm done, and call it "Mulholland Drive, the Text Version".

Think that's fly?

Hatch said...

Haha yeah you should totally just use that dialogue to whip up a book version at the end of the month and see if it hits 50,000 words.