Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A small concession to 10-man raiders

From today's minor patch notes:

"10-player bosses that drop Runed Orbs will also sometimes drop the recipes that use those orbs."


This also confirms that 10-man bosses can drop Runed Orbs, which was a bit of information I wasn't able to find anywhere (likely because no one tested 10 man hard modes successfullly at a time when they were fully itemized). I'm assuming they drop from any hard mode boss in 10-man (as one commenter mentioned, they drop from regular-mode 25-man bosses), but I can't find a confirmation anywhere.

Very nice.


Saithir said...

Yeah, that's really good news.

But why from hard mode bosses? We didn't do any of these and we still got some Runed Orbs on 25 (no recipes though).

Or maybe you're confusing them to fragments of Val'anyr or whatever it is called?

Hatch said...

I assumed hard modes because the patterns make ilevel 226 items, which drop from 10 man hard uld or 25 man regular uld bosses. Also, runed orbs can be bought with Emblems of the Champion, which drop from those same bosses.

Also, I've seen no indication on sites like wowhead or mmo-champ that runed orbs have ever dropped from 10-man regular bosses, and a ton of people have cleared many of them. My raid has killed roughly 30-40 since the patch and never seen a runed orb, for instance. But few have done 10-man hard modes, which would explain why the general public wasn't aware that runed orbs dropped in 10-mans at all until this patch note confirmed it.

Jormundgard said...

Don't know if you've seen this yet, but you can get Emblems of Conquest from 10 man hard modes as well. I got one from Freya last week.

Hatch said...

I had no idea about that until we did FL with one tower up 2 weeks ago (got 2 Conquest tokens, which is pretty badass). It seems like the info about what is and isn't available in 10-mans was a bit iffy. :)