Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sixth Screenshot

I've been tagged by Ixo to go into my WoW screenshot folder and post the 6th screenshot in there. A few weeks ago I cleared up some hard drive space by moving my old screenshots to my external drive, so there wasn't much in there. Here's #6 (names edited out to protect the innocent):

That's my female Tauren DK with hunter, mage and warlock guildies downing good 'ole Attunmen in Karazhan for a shot at the mount. We did it with 4 people and no healer. I guess we looked like level skull to him.

That evening was a blast, just messing around and tearing through the old content. We added a druid healer and went and killed Nightbane to clear out someone's quest log. In order to get up there, we had to aoe down Moroes (lol!), who started out as such a cockblock back in the day in our level 70 greens/blues.

Ixo's post on memories from screenshots prompted me to post a few more of my own favorite shots.

In direct response to Ixo's 100 roll on DST:

I swear to god I made those edits in red text back when I first got the screenshot, before I saw Ixo's screenie. This is a shot of the one single Amani War Bear mount my guild earned for completing the ZA timed run. After weeks of practice, we did it at the last possible second: right before patch 3.0 hit and removed the mount reward. This is my proudest moment in TBC because we did it without anyone in the raid wearing a single piece of tier 6 gear that drops from BT or Hyjal. At this point, the only tier 6 our guild had done was 1 kill of the first boss in MH. We barely even had tier 5 gear. Basically just Kara, ZA, and badge gear, and we actually completed the timed run, a feat normally reserved for guilds in full tier 6. It was a great moment for us, made better by "R", our main healer, winning the roll with a 100. Also note: someone else rolled a 99. Ouch.

And this final picture is a more recent memory of the most hilarious achievement I've ever achieved. As you can see below, we downed KT and go the achievement Just Can't Get Enough (kil 18 Aboms during KT fight) with only 3 people (all DPS, btw) left alive at the end of the fight. We could not stop laughing in vent for a good 10 minutes.

We had the worst possible luck with ice blocks. I had brought in my DK alt to tank because our MT kept disconnecting. Just after I picked up the adds, I was ice blocked. Being undergeared and under heavy attack, I died in the ice block. The adds destroyed 2 healers and a dps before they were taunted off by the main tank, who was now tanking all 3 mobs with only one healer remaining. The healer was so taxed that we lost another dps to aoe. Then, the one remaining person in the raid with healing spells got ice blocked and died. The tank held on a few more seconds, buying the remaining 3 dps enough time to finish him off.

So yeah, for me, screenshots from WoW can be just as full of real memories of times with real people as any photograph.

Also, though I assume you don't read my blog (I'll leave a message in your comments), I tag Coriel of Blessing of Kings for being one of my favorite WoW blogs, and for coming from my old server, Skylawl.

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