Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jurty Duty Finally Over, Drama, Raider 101 Wiki

After a week of trial, 2 weeks of deliberation, and a 2 week vacation in the middle, jury duty is finally over and I can return to my normal job, which means I again have access to a computer over my lunch break and on other breaks, allowing me to return to my original every-weekday schedule here at Escape Hatch.

Right now I have a lot of catching up to do at work and am dealing with some serious guild drama in-game (I recently left a very successful guild in which I was a founder, main recruiter, primary officer, and raid leader), so forgive me if content is a little on the light side for this week. The drama has been saddening, but it does seem that things will turn out just fine for me in the end. At least the split wasn't over loot or anything silly like that. It was just a personal thing.

I've always found drama to be riveting, and enjoy reading Wowinsider's Guildwatch and the now-defunct AFKGamer blog, which entertainingly described the most spectacular guild drama I've ever heard of.

But I'm not going to talk in detail about my personal guild drama here. Partly because it's more personal than a simple loot issue or something. Partly because there's just enough information out there for someone in my guild to figure out that I'm the one writing this blog. But mostly because it's not fair of me to present my naturally biased side of the story to a public audience without giving the other side an opportunity to respond. As much as I find other people's drama entertaining and would love to juice up the soap opera factor of my own blog, I just can't bring myself to sucker punch people that I know so personally.

Surely, my Cynics Society of America card is about to be revoked.

On a different note, I've decided to contribute a bit to Rohan's (Blessing of Kings blog) Raiding 101 Wiki, so far to the Combat Rogue and Unholy DK dps sections. So go check it out, I think it will shape up to be a major asset to people new to raiding with their class, or to anyone who enjoys raiding casually and doesn't want to spend hours poring over Elitist Jerks or sites like mine. It's also a good opportunity for me to really work on my concision.

EDIT: Sometimes, I say how I feel about my own situation, and only later realize it can be taken as a criticism of someone else's actions. To be clear: I have no problem with other people talking about their guild drama, in fact I LOVE to read about it. In my specific situation it wasn't the right choice for me (the drama itself was barely even related to WoW anyway), but it's often the right choice for others.

So yeah, don't get mad at me. :)

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