Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Laziness: Supreme Laziness Edition

OMG I AM SO LAZY. Here is a 1- paragraph post! Or 5 paragraphs, if you like counting for yourself instead of taking my word for things.

How come this holiday season is the least exciting one video games have probably ever seen? Is it just because Nintendo has forsaken us, with their big releases being the glorified children's toy Wii Music and the brain-saggingly boring Animal Crossing? Or is it because every single other major release is a first-person shooter (Fallout, Bad Company, Resistance 2, Gears 2) or an exploration platformer (Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider). OK, Fallout is technically a first-person RPG and not a shooter, but that's probably why it's the only major holiday release I'm actually planning to pick up. Every single thing I listed is a sequel. Where are the creative new IPs (besides Left 4 Dead, which also has a number in it's name for some reason)? Most Xmases, I have a long list of exciting games I can't wait for.

What gives? Is it just that the gaming mainstream is straying further and further from my tastes? It definitely is, when the bestselling games are Call of Duty and Halo. Or maybe I'd just rather play WoW?

. . . or maybe...I'm just getting old? Have I finally outgrown your average video game? What am I going to do with my free time?

Sometimes I just like to wallow in the laziness, and let it wash over me like a mountain spring on a cool morning.


Tesh said...

Innovative stuff like Mirror's Edge, A Kingdom for Keflings or Boingz are out there, but the market isn't all that kind to innovation, as a general rule.

Hatch said...

I probably wasn't being totally fair. I've heard world of goo and trackmania are good. And I'm loving Fallout 3.