Thursday, November 13, 2008

Headlines you already know: Wrath is out!

I'm currently sitting at my desk at work. This computer does not have WoW installed. I'm not even supposed to have administrative privileges on my work computer (except I do now, as it turns out that I'm a bit smarter than my work's IT guys). Sitting hidden under my desk, mere inches away, are two blue boxes. One is large, and appears to have frost dripping from it. It is a collector's edition (girlfriend wanted the pet). It dwarfs the smaller box, my regular edition of Wrath of the Lich King. Anyone at my office could come by and see me at any time, so I cannot open the boxes to read the instruction booklet and admire the art book, nor may I indulge my desire to gently stroke the edges of the boxes while fantasizing about killing slightly larger boars.

Right now, ten buttloads of people are playing Wrath, crashing world, instance, and ventrillo servers worldwide. I am not one of them.

This may be the least productive work day this country has seen for 2 years.

Luckily, I have some personal days left for this year from my job (my job has excellent benefits).

If you ask my co-workers, they'll tell you that I recently developed a personal emergency that I must leave work for the afternoon to deal with. I also, I regretted to inform them, will be unable to make it into work tomorrow due to this private personal matter.

I've received many well wishes from those who assume my private, personal matter is tragic in nature.

I can now verify for you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am going to hell.


Ixobelle said...

you will be looking down on me from heaven, and notice that i'm already in hell, and playing wow AT WORK, because there is officially fuck all to do 9 days out of 10.

I'm not sure how i end up in the jobs i do... i worked a 1hr photo development place where some days i'd open at 9 on saturday and close at 5, and not a soul would walk thru the door. Then i got into IT where I'd sit around doing nothing while i waited for the systems to break.

now i teach in japan, and the maximum 'busy' a day will entail is three classes (45 min each) out of an 8 hour day.


Hatch said...

I don't know what you mean by "ugh"...I'd say you're lucky. I spend most of my day trying to limit the work I actually have to do to 3 45 minute sessions. :)

And that's at a job I kind of actually like. I was way worse when I had random joe jobs.

Hell, I write this blog from work every day; that's why it's weekdays only.